Welcome to Pennant Health Alliance

Health care is changing all around us. Big health systems are getting even bigger, some hometown hospitals are facing unprecedented challenges and physicians are confronted with the real possibility of losing their independence. But health care isn't a one-size-fits-all environment. We believe there is great value in local knowledge, local control, and sustained independence. We believe the answer to maintaining that independence while offering top-notch care is the Pennant Health Alliance.

Together, Pennant members are sharing resources and knowledge — resulting in continuous improvements in clinical and business practices that are paying immediate dividends. The diversity of the members — nationally recognized systems, independent mid-sized and community institutions, and specialty hospitals — provide a unique mix of desired resources that provide benefits across the membership.

Pennant members include the University of Michigan Health System, Mercy Health, Metro Health, Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, and Carson City Hospital.

Collaboration + Expertise = Sustained Independence. Pennant.